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How Do I Contribute To This Wiki?

First you need to create an account. Editing and adding pages can only be done when you are logged in.

Second of all, unless you are just correcting a typo, your starting point for making contributions should always be the discussion tab that is at the top of every single wiki page. There you will find chat and suggestions for directions to take with regards to the specific page that you are looking at.

All comments on the discussion page MUST be signed by you otherwise we don't know who is saying and commenting on anything and discussions become impossible to follow.

How Do I Sign My Comment On The Discussion Pages?

There are two ways to sign your comments. You can either do one of the following two things:

1) At the end of your comments simply type four tildes (~), like this: <nowiki>Founder - Sex 3.0 (talk) 09:03, 7 June 2016 (CDT)</nowiki> or ...

2) Click the signature icon which you will see in the toolbar whenever you edit a page

When you save the page, this will cause your signature to appear in the following format --JJRoberts (talk) 14:26, 11 January 2014 (CST)

NOTE : The use of signatures is meant exclusively for the discussion pages and should never be used on actual wiki pages

How Do I Create A Page?

If you have an idea for a new page, great! Place the suggestion onto the suggested new topics list which you can find further down on this page and check back for the response.

Don't forget to sign your suggestion! If your suggestion is accepted you will be the person primarily responsible for fleshing out that page and the upkeep of it although anyone will be allowed to edit it.

How Does Wiki Page Formatting Work?

Good question! There is a beginners guide here.

How Do I Insert Links?

There is a clear tutorial covering links using wikitext here.

How Do I Insert An Image?

First of all, this wiki is run under creative commons rules.

Don't insert images here unless you are sure that it is OK for you to use it under open source / creative commons use.

The best way to insert images into pages is to click on the 'Upload File' link on the left hand side of every page under the 'Toolbox' heading.

The image will then be stored on our servers and you can then insert and format the image as you choose.

How Do I Format The Layout And Size Of Images?

The short answer is you use wikitext.

Note : You must upload the images to our server first.

Then you should take a look at this extensive tutorial here.

How Do I Insert Externally Hosted Images?

Simply copy and paste the URL of the image with no tags or formatting around the URL.

How Do I Build The Clickable Table Of Contents At The Beggining Of A Page?

You don't. It's built automatically by the wiki just by you using the correct heading and sub heading formatting.

It won't appear at first but once you have a handful of headings and sub-headings set up, it will appear.

Is There A Sandbox Area Where I Can Safely Play Around With Formatting?

There sure is. In the top right hand corner, click on your username. This takes you to your own personal page.

Every single user has their own user page. You can fill that out with a bio / photo if you like at a later date but you can also use it to safely experiment with wikitext formatting and see the results without messing up any existing pages.

Your own personal user page also has its own discussion page and you can experiment with formatting there if you prefer to leave your user page just for bio information.

How Do I Mark Stuff As Done On The Talk Page

You can use the template called done. See usage in the table below.


You may either use <nowiki>Template:Done</nowiki> by itself for the default message or you may add a custom message and / or a link to a URL as an optional parameter.

What You Type What Will Appear
<nowiki>Template:Done</nowiki> Template:Done
<nowiki>Template:Done</nowiki> Template:Done
<nowiki>Template:Done</nowiki> Template:Done

Suggestions Of Topics To Be Added To Wiki

  • Add a list of notable sexolutionaries
  • Add a section on Sex 3.0 theory towards jealousy / possessiveness
  • Add a section on Sex 3.0 theory towards the 4 pillars of pure form relationships
  • Add a section on Sex 3.0 theory towards slut shaming
  • Add citations / references
  • Add links to the Sex 3.0 page from other notable and relevant wiki articles
  • Add a section on Parenting in Sex 3.0
  • Add a section on what Sex 3.0 has to say about STDs
  • Negative feedback loops in 2.0
  • The roll of rules
  • Madonna / whore complex
  • 2.0 narratives in society (the concept of "the one")
  • Add section on sexual imperatives
  • Add section on relationship duress in the media - page already started --JJRoberts (talk) 16:41, 14 January 2014 (CST)
  • The moving of the RD line (divorce and Oliver Simple g/ford)
  • The de-tribalisation of mankind and its side affects (lack of respect for nature, loss of tribal narrative storytelling, shrinking of our circle of empathy, reduction of child rearing to the dyad, pressure on one person to be everything to their partner (one person must now provide emotionally what the tribe gave))
  • The re-tribalisation of mankind (Portugal project, band of wives, couchsurfing)).
  • The fallacy of 2.0 design - human beings are pair-bonders. Human beings are not sexually exclusive by nature for life. - page already started --JJRoberts (talk) 16:41, 14 January 2014 (CST)
  • Section on jealousy and the twin expressions of jealousy - vigilance and violence - and sexual jealousy as a socially sanctioned pathology. Sexual jealousy is the leading cause of spousal murder worldwide.
  • Sexual fear masquerading as religion
  • Negative feedback loop - rape victims being taught that they are worthless
  • Negative feedback loop - feeling ashamed of our own bodies
  • Negative feedback loop - the normalisation of mental and psychical violence in culture
  • Negative feedback loop - feminisation of men
  • Negative feedback loop - how the "women who are sexual must be damaged goods" narrative in society creates a society in which which are socialised to be dis-connected from their sexuality
  • Negative feedback loop - How and why 2.0 relationships are set up to be a power struggle (commitment, fidelity)
  • Negative relationship pattern - feeling lonely, feeling smothered, needing freedom, enjoying freedom, falling in love, entering fenced out of obligation
  • Notable sex 3.0 compatible quotes
  • How to de-tribablisation of men lead to the rise of gangs and people becoming more vulnerable to more radical views as a way of "finding their gang" - a place where they feel accepted
  • Add section of the cultivation of desperation, particularly how our culture cultivates desperate women.
  • Add a section on ULTRAs - Unfenced Long Term Relationships
  • Flesh out 1.0 section with 1.0 notions of play, religion, autonomy, child rearing and egalitarianism
  • Add Sex 3.0 as a conciousness to main page
  • Add section of Sex 3.0 compatible books and movies
  • How divorce lawyers have turned 2.0 misery into a multiple billion $$ industry. (same lawyers cannot represent both sides in a mediated agreement due to their own self governing rules so both sides need different lawyers. then they play the us vs them game and play it as a zero sum game).
  • How the 2.0 schism and differing genetic imperatives causes sexual pluralism strategies like cad and dad strategy aka alpha fucks beta bucks as well as madonna whore syndrome (example here -
  • Suggest approaching rules in a Sex 3.0 world Henrik (talk) 10:12, 30 January 2014 (CST)
  • How sexual shame causes damage in society - depression, suicide, self-harm etc.